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Oralite 5400 White

             Reflective                                                Orajet 3164 Series                                        Orajet 3165 Series

             This Commercial Grade vinyl is                            This is a soft PVC (100 micron) printable                 This is a printable blended polymeric

             weatherproof, self-adhesive,                              film available in transparent and white,                  PVC film (100 micron) available in

             retroreflective films with a surface from                                                                           transparent and white, with a silk gloss
                                                                       with a glossy or matt surface. It has
             cast PVC copolymer. This film is equipped                                                                           and matt finish (grey adhesive). It is for
                                                                       silicone coated paper on one side, 135
             with an adhesive that ensures excellent                                                                             medium-term outdoor applications, it is
                                                                       g/m². It has a 5 – year lifespan
             adhesion to metallic surfaces such as                                                                               also a solvent polyacrylate, permanent

             aluminium or galvanized steel sheets. It                  expectancy, depending on the                              adhesion. It has a 7 – year lifespan

             has a 4 – year lifespan expectancy,                       environment.                                              expectancy, depending on the

             depending on the environment.                                                                                       environment.
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