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Orajet 3651 Series                                        Polyflex                                                  Poly Flock

             This is a printable blended polymeric                     Polyflex is a high-quality vinyl for                      Poly Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl is a

             PVC film (70 micron), available in white                  applying to t-shirts and other clothing,                  textured heat transfer vinyl that can be

             and transparent with a glossy, semi-                                                                                heat pressed onto any t-shirt, sweatshirt,
                                                                       due to this t-shirt vinyl having a built-in
             glossy or matt surface. It is double sided                                                                          blanket or other cotton or polyester-
                                                                       sticky application film it is extremely easy
             PE coated paper, one side siliconized,                                                                              based fabric. Poly Flock has a soft, fuzzy,
                                                                       to weed and applies quickly using a
             143 g/m². It has a 7 – year lifespan                                                                                raised feel and is a great way to add

             expectancy, depending on the                              heat press.                                               dimension and texture. Cut with a vinyl
             environment.                                                                                                        cutter and heat press onto apparel or

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