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P. 16

Yellow Honeycomb                                          Photoluminescent

             Reflective                                                Vinyl                                                     Banner Bond Tape

             Reflective Tape provides enhanced                         Photoluminescent or glow in the dark                      Provide solutions to practically every

             visibility at night. It is a high-quality,                self-adhesive vinyl used for printing of                  industry for bonding, mounting, fixing

             durable micro-prismatic retroreflective                                                                             and joining applications.
                                                                       signs or any product needed to be seen
             material specifically for permanent
                                                                       at night or during and emergency. Its
             traffic signage on flat surfaces.
                                                                       features include high luminescence,

                                                                       long lasting afterglow and excellent

                                                                       weather-proof properties.
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