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Alupanel                                                  ABS                                                       ABS VO

             It is a rigid aluminium composite                         Is a thermoplastic that combines the                      Carries a UL94 fire rating and is also

             sheeting that is ideal for signage,                       strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and                available with a UV additive for

             advertising, construction and                             styrene polymers with the toughness of                    increased UV stability. It is impact and

             architectural design solutions. It is an                  polybutadiene rubber. ABS is suitable for                 chemical resistant; graffiti resistant; fire

             excellent medium for out of home                          indoor and extended outdoor use.                          resistant; and scratch resistant as well as

             media, shop fitting, POS displays,                                                                                  easy to clean. ABS VO fire retardant

             exhibition stands, partitioning, wall                                                                               sheeting is ideal for mass transit

             linings, suspended ceilings and many                                                                                applications.

             industrial applications.
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