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PVC Banner Material                                       Application Tape                                          Ritrama Premium

             This range of digital PVC offers vibrant                  Transfer tape, also known as application                  A wide range of coloured gloss polymeric films

             colours when printed on all recognized                    tape or “pre-mask”, is a staple of digital                offering high conformability on extremely

             brands of digital outdoor printers and                                                                              curved surfaces. Designed to satisfy sign-
                                                                       graphics. Application tape is so called
             are ideal for outdoor applications                                                                                  maker’s needs, they are ideal for long-term
                                                                       because it transfers your vinyl graphics
             including stretching and seamed                                                                                     outdoor signage, for vehicle livery. Resistance
                                                                       and decals after you've cut them on
             banners.  The mesh options are suitable                                                                             to UV light, seawater, oils, hydrocarbons and

             for building wraps.                                       your vinyl cutter.                                        gasoline. The flammability is self-extinguishing.

                                                                                                                                 It has a 7 – year lifespan expectancy,

                                                                                                                                 depending on the environment.
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