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             LinaShield                                                Perspex Cast Acrylic                                      Extruded Acrylic

             It is designed for optimal durability in                  It is a consistent, high quality durable                  A medium impact (MI) and ultra-high

             harsh, high abrasion environments                         plastic sheeting used throughout the                      impact (UHI), has properties like Perspex
             providing reduced downtime and                                                                                      Cast Acrylic. Due to its lower molecular
                                                                       world to bring life to the ideas of
             extended life for capital equipment.                                                                                weight, however, Extruded Acrylic sheeting
                                                                       architects, specifiers, interior designers,               has lower crazing, chemical, and solvent

             LinaShield is also used extensively for                   furniture designers, brand architects,                    resistance, but provides better vacuum
             wear linings, conveyor belts and silos.                                                                             forming definition.
                                                                       graphic designers, automotive designers

                                                                       and fabricators.
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