Perspex Cast Acrylic

It is a consistent, high quality durable plastic sheeting used throughout

the world to bring life to the ideas of architects, specifiers, interior

designers, furniture designers, brand architects, graphic designers,

automotive designers and fabricators.


Specialized LED Flexible Strip lights, purposely designed to illuminate food

products, with the correct spectrum of light while maintaining superior

power efficiency is stocked for these markets. From narrow display cabinets to massive outdoor coves. Available in customizable lengths, straight and flexible form (for meandering on flat surfaces), waterproof, full colour RGB,

wide angle or dimmable - Perspex SA has the LED strip solution for your design


Sandblast Vinyl

Sandblast vinyl is the ideal alternative to contemporary sandblasting. The

“sandblast” in vinyl refers to the effect and not the process of sandblasting.

In short, it is the same effect without the high cost and associated mess.

The sandblast vinyl can be applied directly on the glass surface and the designs

are endless. While it allows sunlight to come in it filters out up to 95% of the UV

rays. These UV rays are responsible for fading of your carpets and furniture.

When applied to a window it also acts as a shatterproof film.


With its ultra-high impact resistance qualities Solid Polycarbonate is the

material of choice for demanding applications. Although as transparent as glass and less than half the weight, Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable. It is ideal for skylights, architectural roofing and glazing as

it can be cold bent, easily fabricated and formed. The material also allows for high light transmission and blocks harmful UV radiation.


Polycarbonate twin wall sheets add colour, interest and creativity to design

projects from furniture to lighting to room separation or stage creation. It is

available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses


It is a rigid aluminium composite sheeting that is ideal for signage, advertising,

construction and architectural design solutions. It is an excellent medium for

out of home media, shop fitting, POS displays, exhibition stands, partitioning,

wall linings, suspended ceilings and many industrial applications.

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